Work experience exchange with Witley (Surrey) 2015

Are you in Q1, interested in the English language, like children and want to get two weeks off from school?

Then I’ve got just the thing for you: A work experience in a proper English school!

Here’s how it works:

  • you will get a lovely exchange partner from King Edward´s School (KES ( in Witley (that is our partner school near London, but of course you know that already) who will stay with you for about a week
  • when they stay with you they will do a work experience (often in Kindergartens or primary schools), while you will have the chance of enjoying class, like you always do
  • after about a week, you switch: you (and the KES students and the other German participants and some teachers) will fly to Great Britain, so that you can spend up to eleven days at King Edward´s Boarding School
  • you will live in one of the houses at KES with the normal KES students (normal is a relative term: the school has a lot of international students)
  • when the KES students go to their classes, you will go to your work experience at a private preparatory school, e. g. Barrow hills(
  • at Barrow hills you can choose a group to stay with for this first week, you can go to kindergarten, reception class (4-5 year olds), year 1 or year 2 (you probably won’t get to teaching, personally my task mostly consisted of listening, cutting paper stars and holding hands)
  • in the afternoon you can travel to the surrounding cities for shopping and sightseeing, or just spend the day with the many activities KES has to offer (this includes a school musical and a Bridget Jones showing at one of the girls´ houses)
  • on the weekends you can take the train to London (ca. 2 hours each way)
  • during the second week you will most likely do some light work at KES (we laminated, sorted books and were presented in different German classes)

So why should you do it?

  • it´s great practice for your English (and I mean English, the kids will make fun of you if you use too many American words and phrases)
  • you will learn a lot about the English culture and life at boarding schools
  • like any work experience, it very much helps you figure out what you want to do later in your life (or not do)
  • the children are really fun to be around and very sweet
  • it looks good on a résumé
  • you will miss two weeks of school
  • at breakfast and dinner you can get as much pineapple as you like

So you really consider doing it and want some more information?

Ok, here it goes:

  • free Wi-Fi all around King Edwards´
  • the boarding houses are sorted by gender and age groups (not by a talking hat)
  • you can share a room with one of the other German participants
  • the students and staff are really nice and supportive
  • at KES there are always multiple German teachers, also many German speaking students, (you’re exchange partners are supposedly learning German, but don’t expect too much), and there´s always google translate
  • you won’t have to wear a school uniform at either school, but the people at Barrow Hills will expect you to dress not too sloppy
  • since you are already in Q1, you will organize most of your day trips on your own, this will give you a lot of freedom
  • the English food really isn’t as bad as you might think (and of course they always have food options for your dietary restrictions)
  • you won’t have to write a Praktikumsbericht on it (but your teacher might just make you write an article for the newspapers or the school website)
  • you don’t need to speak perfectly yet, this experience’s purpose is learning and improvement

Go for it!



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